PAL Pensions
Olaniwun Ajayi JP, Banana Island, Lagos
Jetlink Ltd
Lifeline Children Hospital, Surulere and Lekki
Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc
Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc (PHCN Benin)
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University of Nigeria
Lighthouse Secondary School, Ikorodu
Federal Ministry of Education, Unity Schools
Federal Ministry of Youths Development, National Secretariat
Federal Ministry of Education, State Secretariats
National Youth Service Corps (NYSC Headquarters + 37 Orientation Camps across Nigeria)
Niger Delta Basin Development Commission (NDBDC)
Christ Embassy Church
Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG Apapa Family)

Our Customer Care Department employs highly skilled and experienced professionals to provide constant, proactive monitoring and management of our customers' various links and resources 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
Thank you for choosing Syscomptech Communications Ltd as your reliable Information & Communications Technology (ICT) partners. We look forward to serving your prestigious corporation soon!


Syscomptech is Nigeria's leading service partners for web & internet services. Our offered services include: YahClick Broadband Internet Service, Fibre Optic Internet Services, C-Band internet Service, Web Projects Development, Web hosting, Domain Name Registration, SSL, Pension Enrollment Solutions (PES), and Enterprise Bulk SMS Services using industry's leading and most reliable technologies and solutions with a team of young and resourceful professionals focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Vision
To be Nigeria’s brand name for web & internet services

Our Mission
We exist to provide preferred internet-based services tailored to aid optimal performance for Nigerian businesses

Below is our coordinating team for Syscomptech web and internet projects:

Salvation Alibor, CEO/ Head of Business Development & Strategy
Salvation has an invaluable skill at understanding customer project needs, defining them and proffering suitable web solutions to make the sites come alive with functionalities that would turn the business website into the preferred contact medium for the customers' clients.

He is a graduate of Electronic Engineering from the University of Nigeria Nsukka with specialty in computer communications and the internet. He worked as General Manager, Nigerian Operations for SignOnAfrica Communications Ltd before co-founding Syscomptech in 2007.

Salvation has a track record of project developments in both web and internet infrastructure and in his 7 years of managing IT Business has acquired valuable skills and experiences in Business development and strategizing, Sales team monitoring for performance optimization, Management team leadership and coordination, Maintaining the corporate goal and ensuring they are achieved, Monthly accounts review from both branches, Team leadership, Business strategy and focus, Marketing, Sales.

Jude Oguta, SEO Specialist
Obama as we prefer to call him is a prolific writer, content developer and expert in online marketing and promotions. He heads the Syscomptech SEO team and provides the lead skill in content development for our customer websites. He is amongst the top 5 most skilled SEO Specialists in Nigeria and has an ever growing track record of converting idle websites into business hubs. Business success is his driving force; give him the privilege in taking joy in helping your business succeed.

Onyemaechi Onyekpa, Lead Solutions Developer
Onyema has varied skills in web applications development. A graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Nigeria, Onyema trained himself and qualified as Systems Administrator and Programmer. He heads the Syscomptech Web Team and provides first level support to all Syscomptech web hosting clients.

Onyema also takes joy in teaching programming languages on one-on-one coaching bases. He is best hand in Verified-by-Visa website integration.

Francis Olatunde Oyeyemi, Web Designer
Tunde is a web designer you would want to stick to for life, his skill at graphical interpretation on web pages and knowledge of the industry is unequaled in the Nigerian market. Before joining Syscomptech in 2007, Tunde was the Project Manager at SignOnAfrica Communications Ltd and has handled over 700 web projects in over 12 years.

Redemption Anyanwu, Network Services Lead Support
Redemption is a patient but quick to deliver personnel. His greatest gift is his ability to listen to customer needs and translate same into workable processes for the technical personnel. He is focused on customer satisfaction and helps Syscomptech clients to gain beyond their initial bargain on web projects.

He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and has gone through several technical trainings on VSAT, Radio Communications, Fibre Optics Technology and projects management from SkyVision, Gilat, Hyperia, KIT Technologies and several other leading ISPs.

He led the Syscomptech Technical team that deployed 25 units of 1.8m C-Band and and 12 units of Ku-Band VSATs across the 37 orientation camps in the 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja within 2 weeks prior to the opening of NYSC Orientation camps in 2008 (NB: average time-line to deliver and install a single site up-country is 8 days). He has an outstanding service and team work spirit that influences those he works with to bring out exceptional performances in their assignments.

Tunde Majolagbe, PES Development Consulting Partner
Tunde is an IT solutions consultant with expertise in software development and database management. He has rendered diverse services for some prominent PFA Managers in Nigeria. Some of such services are writing web services to run some daily web operations, developing configurable solutions that automatically dispatch SMS, developing a client/server application that generate xml PENRRS periodic reports for PENCOM and lots more.

VSAT | Fibre Optics | Yahclick Broadband

Not a second of downtime, else we pay for it!

Get peace of mind!
We provide hassle free internet services via VSAT, fiber optics and broadband. We deliver on same day in Lagos and within 4 days elsewhere. We offer the best support as an ISP in Nigeria so you can never have a minute down time; else we will pay for it. Our support is available even all night long.

Enterprises and institutions upcountry prefer our VSAT services while most businesses in Lagos prefer our fiber optic internet service for its speed and affordability.

We have trained and experienced technical personnel in 27 (including FCT) out of 36 states of the Federation well equipped to install or respond to your on-site needs. Our customer care unit reminds you of your next renewal date 2 weeks before it is due to allow you ample time to prepare for it. Our local NOC is used to monitor your site performance 24/7 for service efficiency.

To put it in simple terms: Syscomptech Internet Service gives you peace of mind to focus on your core business.

For the best price on all Internet bundles. Call: 08060002562, 08177197924, 08183359954

Fibre Optics | Yahclick Broadband | C Band VSAT


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Strong Signal Strength Across Nigeria
YahClick has 4 strong beams over Nigeria as against the use of 1 single beam across Africa by order VSAT service providers, making the signal strength and connection reliability higher than any other.

Most Affordable
YahClick has a specially designed frequency re-use technology that makes the end-user monthly bandwidth charges far much lower than in the case of other internet service providers. The CPE is readily available and affordable as well.

Quality Customer Service
YahClick business model allows  Syscomptech as your Service Partners to focus on customer service while YahSat focuses on the infrastructural efficiency which brings about better quality of service for the end users.

For the best price on all Internet bundles. Call: 08060002562, 08177197924, 08183359954

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Unified Threat Management. Enhanced Security, Connectivity, Productivity!

Get peace of mind!
As an individual user or an employee in an organization, viruses, malware, spam and Trojans are waiting to attack you, identifying one vulnerable moment when your defenses are low. Insider attacks such as data theft and leakage have also become more conspicuous either out of ignorance or malicious intent. Employees in an organization may spend a good portion of their time on the internet and also likely surfing restricted sites as well.

Most of these contemporary threats are blended, meaning an email that seems to be spam may just contain a phishing program that snoops for sensitive information about the intended recipient or upon opening up such a mail, Trojans are set loose on the recipient’s network.

A good solution to these blended threats ought to provide antivirus, antispam, intrusion prevention and detection and web and content filtering.

Traditionally, independent solutions exist for all these threats, nevertheless this approach has its demerits, such as High purchase costs of individual appliances; and The need for a highly knowledgeable staff to maintain multiple appliances and solutions.

There therefore is the need for a unified solution that handles all these blended threats and also facilitates the operations of ICT administrators. The proposed Solution to today’s internet work security needs is Cyberoam.


Website Design

Guaranteed to boast your sales!

We Create Beautiful Websites for Business Success

Syscomptech creates websites designed to escalate revenue for companies. A lot of business websites are either abandoned or unuseful to the owners. Several companies have asked us to redesign their websites to make it functional and relevant for business.
Our websites are beautiful & highly interactive; it helps our clients increase their sales volumes in less than 3 months. Our team is made up of experts in all aspects of web services: content development, graphics design, webmaster, server management & website promotion.

We include online payment gateways to our client's business websites to enable them receive instant debit/ credit card (ATM Card) payments from anywhere at anytime at zero setup costs.

What we offer:
• Professional content development
• Beautiful website designed for PC and mobile access
• services to drive high speed traffic / public visits to your website
• Solutions that help you engage your website visitors
• Solutions that help you close deals faster online
• Solutions that help you receive instant payments online
• Solutions that help you serve your customers better

We have upgraded, developed and managed websites for several corporations who now earn more and serve their clients better using their websites.

Unique benefits of having Syscomptech managed website:
• We give each client personal attention
• Our projects are professionally delivered
• Our clients rely on our expertise and strong experience to guide their choices of web tools or solutions
• We deliver on quality design
• Speedy delivery
• We provide secured web hosting on dedicated web platforms
• We create web presence & popularity for our clients
• We help our clients close deals faster and more frequently
• We give our clients a global reach and create buyer confidence for their products and service lines

Associated Services
These are some additional tools/services available at Syscomptech to add to the quality and functional abilities of your website:
• Web Payment Gateways
• Dedicated Web Hosting Servers
• SSL Certificates
• Whois Guard

Pension Enrollment Solution (PES)

Guaranteed to boast your sales!

PES is an ingenious software product of Syscomptech Communications Ltd. PES is designed to place PFAs at an advantage in meeting with the PENCOM AFIS requirements at a faster timeline, most affordable and cost saving solution and robust system. Below are some benefits of using the PES for PFA Fingerprint Recapture exercise and future client registrations:

Guaranteed to Pass PENCOM AFIS
• PES verifies print templates before saving to database
• Enrollment is not complete/ saved to database without 10 accurate finger print captures and a verification
• PES eliminates multiple biometric entry thereby ensuring only 1 account exists per individual

Fast, Simple and Instant
• Import data in simple Excel format
• Multiple search criteria:
• 8 search options
• We can add more on request – e.g. compound search option
• Fast and easy data sorting
• Simple & Fast method of data entry already known to the field personnel
• Allows for offline data capture on the field
• Has photo samples of users for instant verification

PES can do more
Beyond re-capturing client fingerprints to meet PENCOM requirements of AFIS, PES can be:
• Used for NEW CLIENT registrations
• Migrated to any new infrastructure
• Expanded to accommodate new PENCOM data fields in less time and cost

PES is cost saving
• Affordable solution
• Host system can be used for other functions
• Instant, available and proactive support
• Highly secured with theft guard

PES is ready to go
• Same day installation
• Easy install via CD
• Simple for FGPL IT Personnel to setup both locally and remotely
• Minimal peripheral device
• Very user friendly

Take the lead with PES today!


Lagos Office:
65, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Telephone: 08060002562, 08038896064, 08183359954

Contact Form:

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